Have you ever sold an old car in order to buy a new one? Maybe a motorcycle, because you have grown up and there is a family to drive? Maybe you sold bikes that became small? Maybe appliances or old furniture?

Maybe you sometimes peek at groups for sale on social media? And what about groups to deliver free stuff? Have you been donating clothes or toys?

Is it true that you bothered to clean or wash these products before the sale? Surely you went to a car wash. Maybe you even bothered to go to the garage to paint a scratch or two, polish and brush what you could. It cost you time, effort and money. Why? Why did you bother?

When it comes to selling, certainly for large sums, you did it to create more demand for what you were selling: so that people would see the car or motorcycle, value it so that they would be willing to pay the price you asked for and want to buy from you. In short, you rightly wanted to reduce the negotiation margin or avoid it at all, if possible. Moreover, those of you who have good hands, creativity and a business-like thinking, even know how to increase the value so that you get paid not only more than what it cost you at the time, but even in relation to competing products today. In other words, you wanted people to really get excited, to fall in love. That is, you invested to sell at the price you wanted to get. This is rational thinking that maximizes your interest.

But I want to make it a little harder: there are cases where it is not a sale at all, but a delivery or a donation. For example, of used clothes, toys, and other things that are no longer needed.

You probably wash them (and that has the cost of water, electricity, laundry detergents), clean, even fix, maybe paint. That is, you make sure to put in the effort to give something of yours to someone else even when you have no profit considerations at all. Why? If you are handing over something for free, why not hand it in dirty, smelly, broken?

Because it is unpleasant to you what others will they say? Because it reflects contempt on your part?

Maybe because you too would like to get something that looks good and see that an effort was made on the part of the one who gave it to you?

Maybe we just want to feel good about ourselves?

I think this too is rational thinking that maximizes who we are (leave interests out for a moment).

So why do people become irrational when selling their house without investing in it?

Home staging is the most rational act before selling your house.

Let's talk about it!

The U.S. election exposed us not only to an endless data, numbers and speculations, but also to the map of counties and district names we had never heard of before.

In the background of the pictures and sounds that came to us from there, we could look from the outside at the sight of different and varied houses. From urban apartments in tall buildings, through houses in typical suburbs (the ones with the front lawn and the mailbox that stands on the side of the road) to huge farmhouses in vast rural spaces. We were not shown the slums, drugs, violence and survival life in forgotten neighborhoods, these are not well photographed. But they, too, are part of America, the land of unlimited possibilities.

Like many other things, better and less, worthy of imitation and those that are not - home staging also began in America.

Entrepreneurial thinking is very American. Figures who are gurus in the field today, such as Barb Schwartz and Meredith Baer, initiated it when they started engaging in home staging more than 30 years ago.

The idea is simple: a spacious country house or a small apartment in the city center will not be sold at their true value if they are neglected and have infrastructure problems and broken things. Some property owners are willing to accept less money for their property. It is important for me to emphasize that I understand this and do not judge anyone, because people have all sorts of considerations when selling a property. In fact, this is the situation today in Israel.

Home Staging is a well-known service in the US and Europe, but it is new in Israel. It is a service that is relevant to those who want to get a price that reflects the full value of their home.

A major renovation is not economically worthwhile because it is too expensive and will not pay for itself at the sale price. But repairing necessary things (like replacing broken shutters, treating mold and moisture, plastering and painting, refurbishing lighting),furnishing, decorating and accessorizing your home so potential buyers can see themselves living there -is less expensive than renovation and it raises the value of your home in 7%-15%. Home Staging is a small investment in your home, which increases its value a lot and greatly shortens its sale time. If you are willing to invest a little to earn a lot and in a relatively short time from the sale of your home, Home Staging is for you.

And greetings to America!

2020 was a devastating year.

When I decided not to work as an employee ever again and chose to become a self-employed Home Stager, the first step I took was to return to learning.

I learned the profession (and once again a huge thank you to the wonderful Aya Alger and to my amazing and inspiring colleagues!

The second step was to build my unique Home Staging:

The content of my home staging (furniture, textiles, lighting, art, greenery, accessories) is not new, not bought and certainly not specially made.

I started collecting treasures that passed through the family or that I found on the street. I told friends about it and great things were added.

And I kept learning. For example, I learned to distinguish between "bargains" = requiring cleaning and minor renovation work (sanding, painting, sewing, ironing) and "no, thanks" = which will not contribute to my home staging.

All my contents were collected with love and patience. I renovated and repaired it myself to give a "wow" effect and help maximize the potential value of homes when they are sold.

But where to put everything?

Since I have no money to pay for a warehouse, I put the little things in boxes and scattered in different places in my house.

I placed the large furniture in the parking lot (which is already difficult to park in because of it).

In short, my stock started from one big mess all over the house. That was enough until I ran out of space at home, but stuff continues to be collected.

Then I remembered the warehouse that belonged to me but forgot all about it. For many years I did not use it because I did not need it and it was forgotten.

When I remembered it, I immediately went to make it useful. It required conversations with some people I did not know (and a huge thank you to Didi and Emanuel!), Key replacement, reorganization of the warehouse and that's it. About half a year after I started collecting my stuff, I moved (by myself, alone) everything that was accumulated to my warehouse. My warehouse!

At the end of 2020, my warehouse is filling up with objects I have collected and renovated with my own hands, patience and love.

The large furniture is still in the parking lot because the warehouse is small. I know it's temporary but it marks the next step for me. If I have come this far, I believe I will be able to take another step forward.I still collect, rehabilitate, repair, strengthen, renovate, clean and increase - slowly but surely - my home staging content and my self-confidence at the same time.

It takes time and requires patience, but this is the path I have chosen to walk. I have already made my first steps.

Now, just now, I allow myself, very carefully, to dream.

I dream that I will have full contents for home staging that will be done simultaneously in several apartments and houses, and most importantly: the contents are recycled, renovated and repaired - no item will be bought new or specially made!

When that happens, I will be very grateful for my small first warehouse and will move the contents (which continue to grow all the time) to my new Jerusalem hangar.

In my dream, it will be big and beautiful and will have a special and unique content. Therefore it will serve not only me but I will open it for you to use:

"My Jerusalem Warehouse" will be the professional home that will serve home stagers, designers, realtors, other professionals and anyone looking for home staging at a fair price for anyone with an environmental and social commitment.

2021 will be a constructive year.