Want useful and focused exposure for your business?

 Stage It offers you exposure to a specific targeted audience: People intending to move  soon and are now looking for new products for their home. Stage It offers you special display spaces, specific for this audience, with no additional payment.

How we do it?

Stage It is a Home-Staging service, allowing home sellers to maximize the potential value of their property. We upstage houses for sale, fix minor defects, add furniture and accessories. 

Research shows that Home-Staging brings up the value of properties by 7%-15%.

What's in it for you?

People looking at houses for sale are also interested in buying additional products for their new home. We think that your products may be suitable for our staged-for-sale houses, and that people would want to purchase them. Alongside your products, you are invited to display your business name, a brochure or a business card.

How does it work?

We pick the suitable products, including those that are not on display at your store. 
We borrow them for about a month. Delivery to and from the house is on us. 

It doesn't cost you any money, but it can bring you new customers.