Faster Sale, Better Price.

Be the agent that sells the most properties! (and not the one that has properties stuck for months and lose their value). Home Staging allows you to sell faster at a better price, and that's why it saves you time and money. For example, less spending over advertising and marketing, less house tours and "open houses" - it adds up to saving thousands of ₪ a month and tens of thousands a year.

and in the future it will bring you more properties for sale and more happy customers!

Less Time On The Market.

You make money from your commission when a deal is done. But what about the time you spend on closing the deal? Home-Staging shortens the time that the property is on the market, meaning you could work on other properties simultaneously, and the property wouldn't lose its value for being on the market too long.

Focus On The Important Things.

From now on you won't have to be the one telling the property owners what are their house's weaknesses, that it needs to be cleaned and organized or what to do - the Stager will take care of it! You are getting paid to sell the house, not to stage it! Leave the staging for the professionals and focus on your work, selling. You can also add Home-Staging as an extra service and that way to set yourself apart from other agents.

A Well-Maintained Home Brings More Buyers.

Home-Staging gives the house a professional, taken-care-of look, both physically and online, which will give you extra advantage over houses without staging. A staged house attracts more buyers, which enlarges your potential buyers group. 

Buyers acknowledge a staged home as a well-thought, fixed and maintained property.